​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Permanent Makeup
One complimentary touch-up is included within 3 months. A touch-up after three months is defined as a color boost.


Liner and Fill                   $599

Lash Enhancement - Beautiful liner just in the lash line to enhance your lashes $499
Top only Lash Line                          $350

Bottom only                                     $250

Thick liner, winged, or shadow liner $599

Top only $450    

Bottom only $275


Gorgeous hairstroke eyebrows that look like you grew them yourself! They last approximately 12-18 months.           $499

Powder, or Ombre brows

(last 1+ years)                                   $550


The first touch up within 3 months is included in the original price. A touch-up after three months is defined as a color boost.

Color Boost within 6 months            $100

Color Boost (6 to 14 months)            $200

Color Boost after 14 months             $300

**A Color Boost does not include a touchup**

Paramedical Tattooing

Areolas (Unilateral)                          $399

Areolas (Bilateral)                            $499

Scar Camouflage                           *$299+

Alopecia (Loss of hair)                 *$299+

Burns                                             *$299+

Vitiligo (Loss of pigment)            *$299+

Microneedling (Wrinkle therapy)  *199+

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP for Hair Loss/Baldness)                     *$500-$4000

*Prices range because of procedure time, size of area, and amount of treatments.

Body Art Tattooing ​​​

$100/hr with a 1 hour minimum ​​

Tattoo Removal   $100 per session

​Skin Services

Lash Lift & Tint 
Are your lashes short or grow out straight? Curl them upward and tint them for a natural eyelash enhancement!

Lash Lift & Tint $60

Lift only       $45
Tint only       $30

Wrinkle Removal

Plasmasthetics Fibroblast Wrinkle Therapy. This is a new technology to remove wrinkles without surgery. A consultation is required for this service.

(Certain areas will need to be done in   conjunction with botox for lasting results)

Upper Eyelid Lift (Non-Surgical)     $575

Lower Eyelid                                      $475

Both                                                    $850

Brow Lift                                            $300

Crows Feet                                         $300

Nasolabial                                          $300
Top Lip                                              $400

Bottom Lip                                        $300

Both                                                   $600  

Mid Face                                           $1100   

Full Face                                           $2000  

Neck Lift                                          $1275                          

Age Spot Removal              $20/removal
Skin Tag & Wart Removal $20/removal

*Provincial tax and sales tax are applicable on all services.

*Gift Cards are available!


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